As QE’s or Developers we have to deal with hundreds or even thousands of code lines every day in our life. As humans dealing with such amount of code lines, there may be code smells, bugs, security vulnerabilities in our scripts. SonarQube is an open-source platform developed by SonarSource for continuous inspection of code quality to perform automatic reviews with static analysis of code to detect such things in our scripts.

There are predefined set of rules in SonarQube and you can add them as an extension to your IDE or as a server to your pipeline. …

In my previous article about Front End Performance Testing With Chrome DevTools, I discuss the importance of Front End Performance Testing, why we need it, and its benefits. Also in there, I mentioned it’s a manual effort and will take some considerable time to do the test.

In this article, I’m going to explain how to test the Front End Performance using DataDog which will overcome the above-mentioned problems. This will be a very reliable approach and allows us to integrate into the CI pipeline and enable continuous frontend SLA verifications. …

In the current world, about 200 million active websites are providing various services across different domains. Out of that 200 million, some websites fall into the same domain. So there is huge competition among those to attract people to their website. When considering the people's attraction the performance of the website is a very important thing. If the website is taking too much time to load or to satisfy the user's expectation that’s not a good or well-developed website. Front End Performance testing can be used to easily identify these loading issues, and developers can take care of those issues.

k6 is an open-source load testing tool for testing the performance of APIs, microservices, and websites and it’s a developer-centric load testing tool built for making performance testing a productive and enjoyable experience. Using k6, you’ll be able to catch performance regression and problems earlier, allowing you to build resilient systems and robust applications.

k6 is a JavaScript-based load testing tool that has two operational modes:

Why k6?

k6 supports a set of built-in and custom metrics that can be used to measure…

Dilum Pathiraja

Senior Quality Engineer @ SyscoLABS

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